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That Ticket Site is a new website which will be supplying tickets to a vast array of events not only here in the UK but all around the world. The reason for the new site is not only to offer world ticket sales but also to provide tickets to other events that are not associated with a night out. For example we currently have tickets on the site for the BBC Good Food Show and  sightseeing tours of various cities.

Due to the amount of events that we will be supplying tickets for we have decided to make the site live before all of the events are listed. We will be adding more and more events everyday until we have everything live on the site. Other types of events and attractions that will be added include theme park tickets, football tickets, art gallery exhibitions, museum exhibitions, theatre, ballet, opera and more. And remember these will be available for destinations all over the world. You will be able to buy tickets for Disney or book opera tickets for Germany or ballet for Prague. For the US stage we will have tickets for Broadway theatre and Vegas shows.

All these things and more will be added just as soon as the UK events are all listed. More will be added every day so make sure you checkout regularly.

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