New Theatre Ticket Site

Our London theatre ticket site has undergone a makeover to make it not only easier on the eye but also easier to book theatre tickets for London musicals and plays.

Some of the changes include:

The “book” buttons are now coloured red so that they stand out more.

The border around the “quick ticket search” is now coloured red to make it stand out more.

The quick search now has a search by month function. Not all shows are playing on all days during a month so the search by month enables you to search for available dates easier rather than selecting a date that the show might not be playing on and being disappointed by the response.

The border around your basket is now also red to make it stand out more.

When viewing a shows details if there are any special offers on tickets or meal deals these are now highlighted with new icons and bigger clearer text underneath the date selection box.

Our Dinner & Show page now has categories based on the price of the package, top sellers or whether you want to eat before or after the show. This makes it easier to make the right selection right from the start.

Also when viewing a shows details the venue information box now has new icons for the venues facilities such as infra red, wheelchair access, disabled toilets, air-conditioning. This makes it easier to find out what facilities the venue offers.

The search results page that is displayed after performing a search for tickets for a show sees the most changes. You will now see a box on the right hand side titled “Your Search”. This box tells you what you have searched for but now also has links to other shows available on this date and your previous searches.

The search results page now also has a small image of the seating plan (which there is also a link to on the show’s information page under the venue information) with a link to a larger version.

We are very pleased with the makeover but what do you think? Let us know your comments.

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