The Power Of Yes

The Power of Yes could well be one of the most intriguing plays in the West End if you are interested in the current economic situation, and the reasons why we are in this economic depression.

A dramatist seeks to understand the financial crisis.

In retrospect is it fair to say that the idea that banks could manage risk was a total illusion?

On 15 September 2008, capitalism came to a grinding halt. As sub-prime mortgages and toxic securities continued to dominate the headlines, this spring the National Theatre asked David Hare to write an urgent and immediate work to be staged this autumn that sought to find out what had happened, and why.

Capitalism works when greed and fear are in the correct balance. This time they got out of balance. Too much greed, not enough fear.

Not so much a play as a jaw-dropping account of how, as the banks went bust, capitalism was replaced by a socialism that bailed out the rich alone.

For more information and to check availability of tickets go to The Power of Yes Theatre Tickets.

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