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The Blue Man Group is packing its bags and going on tour as their new, spectacular show The Megastar World Tour arrives at the O2 Arena on Sunday 15 February 2009 for one performance only.

The Blue Man Group will be presenting their perfect anarchistic instruction manual on gaining popularity in the modern world of music and beyond. Needless to say, the three seemingly emotionless, bald, glistening blue, mute men have taken with them all their self-crafted ensembles, together with Blue Man favourites such as whirlpool drumming, marshmallow throwing and paint spitting. In arenas, the multimedia show is in its element, with innovative components from surreal theatre, slapstick, video, lightshow and stimulating rock music.

The Blue Man Group Megastar World tour has already captivated more than two million people in the USA.

Not to be missed!

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