Psy is brought to the Peacock Theatre in London by The 7 Fingers (Les 7 Doigts de la Main) who had amazing success in 2009 with Traces.

Merchants of Bollywood

The Merchants of Bollywood charts the history of the world’s largest and most prolific film industry, and the dynasty of stars that have lit its way over generations. The show will open at the Peacock Theatre in London on 18th May 2010 and features a cast of 40 performers, this turbo-charged, joyfully uplifting show is […]

Havana Rakatan

Havana Rakatan returns to the Peacock Theatre in London featuring one of Cuba’s most popular Son bands live on stage, Havana Rakatan is a captivating and colourful journey through the dance and music of a truly unique country.


Blaze, the brand new street dance sensation, makes it’s world premiere at the Peacock Theatre in London on 11th March 2010 until 28th March 2010.

Cirkus Cirkor

Cirkus Cirkor, the Swedish company has developed a cult following with its spectacular blend of acrobatics and storytelling, laced with style and humour and the company’s latest show, Inside Out, is a celebration of circus.