Theatres face ban on misquoting reviews

Theatre producers who deliberately misquote reviews in marketing material could face legal action from the end of this year, when a new EU directive comes into force in the UK. From December, managements who mislead the public by using selective quotes from reviews will face the prospect of civil, or even in rare cases, criminal sanctions. Theatre critics complain that the practice of tweaking or

People enjoy going to the movies to unwind, relax, and find quality entertainment. While there, aside from seeing the movie itself, they are also bombarded with trailers of upcoming movies and of various advertisements from different companies offering a wide array of products and services. Since they are a captive audience in the cinema with nowhere else to go, movie goers are left without a choice but to watch what is being shown on the big screen.

What is Cinema and Movie Theater Advertising?

Simply put, this is crafting ads showcasing a company’s products and services, and showing them on the silver screen. Movie theater or cinema advertising has become a vital component of the media mix. Movies actually have an edge because they are a cut above the rest of the different kinds of media. Films create a larger than life and lasting memory which brands leverage on. Since movie goers stick to their seats during the pre-show as they wait for the actual movie, they are more attentive to the silver screen

hen people want to see a specific film with friends or family, their planning process is typically straightforward. They’ll search for listings at local theaters, pick the most convenient time and may, if possible, purchase their tickets straight from the site. Your theater needs to show up in these listings if you want to be considered.

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