London Theatres

Go to the theatre. Nothing can beat the theatre for live entertainment. Technology and special effects are all well and good on the cinema screen, but the human touch of actors performing live in front of you, the passion of all those involved with the performance, and the grandeur of the stage and the theatre itself make a visit to the theatre a fantastic, exciting, and often touching, experience. Going to the theatres is definitely something we should do more often. Go soon before this age old art disappears behind DVD and big budget movies.

We have a treasure chest of magnificent classical and modern plays and a wealth of talented actors and directors all around us. Together this provides us with a wide variety of plays to visit in London Theatres. From the long-running classical box-office hits such as Les Miserable and Cats through to an ever changing array of exciting new productions, many of which may introduce new talent, whether that talent be acting or producing or directing. Such a varied programme is sure to offer something to delight and excite any audience, whether it be young or old.

Despite all the problems that go with keeping our theatres running, we have never abandoned them. Could some of the reason be that we human beings have an instinctive urge to act out roles and watch them being acted out by others? London Theatres, particularly, along with those on Broadway in America have continued to be supported by an enthusiastic audience. Some things are learned by experience, others by example, and the theatre is the wonderful art form that provides learning by example, by watching others go through things that show us better the truth about ourselves as human beings. Very few other art forms allow us this mixture of the subjective and the objective, the intellectual and the emotional at such a profound level.

If comedy is the form in which we see the weaknesses and faults of others and accept them, then tragedy is the form in which we see ourselves and try to change (hopefully…). In both forms we learn something of the road to survival

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