Cardiff Nights Out

The Cardiff music scene is established and wide-ranging. It is the home to the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Welsh National Opera. It has produced several leading acts itself and, as a Capital City, has acted as a springboard for numerous Welsh bands to go and become famous both nationally and internationally. These include Charlotte Church, The Automatic, Catatonia, Super Furry Animals, Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Budgie, and Shakin Stevens among others. If someone in Cardiff tells you they want Brains, don

We will be doing a walk at night on a forest guiding to the Orchestra where there will be an open concert for everyone at the event.

Tips for night

Black may be slimming, but you need a reflective stripe so you can be seen in the dark. Cars may not recognize you as a human if you have only a couple of small reflective patches.

Your walking clothes should have reflective stripes in the front, back, and down the sides. Many packs and shoes have reflective patches or stripes. Wearing a reflective safety vest is a very good choice to ensure you’ll be seen when walking at night. There are many types of reflective gear to consider.

Even if you are walking in an area with streetlights, you may encounter some dark patches. A lightweight flashlight can come in handy. Or, you can wear a headlamp to keep your hands free and not stress your wrists. An LED headlamp will give you light for many more hours before replacing the battery compared with standard bulbs. Look for a model that allows you to adjust the angle of the beam so it will focus where you need it.

A few companies make hats with LED lights built into the front or brim, or individual units that can clip onto the bill of a hat, check out hard hat lights. These can work well, but the angle might be off depending on how you wear the hat and carry your head.

Fear of strangers in the night keeps many walkers off the trail from dusk to dawn.  But there are steps you can take to reduce the risk, if not the dread. Strangers who may attack have nothing personal against you, they are just looking for an easy target.

To be less of a target, buddy up with a walking friend or a dog. Carry a walking stick. Be aware of your surroundings and act confident and purposeful. Wearing earphones or gazing frequently at your phone may make you more of a target as you may appear to be distracted. If you see a suspicious person, cross the street or change your path to avoid them.

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