Bournemouth Nights Out

Bournemouth, thought of by many as a retirement town, and once referred to as “God’s Waiting Room”, has in recent years become a much younger, vibrant place. It has a large student population (including many overseas language students) and many young people are drawn there by its extensive nightlife, including clubs opening 24 hours a day daily, so if you’re into night life and party you may find the perfect club crawl for you in this area. The town has many nightclubs and pubs, most of which have taken advantage of the recent change in licensing laws to stay open after the traditional pub closing time. Bournemouth applied for the most 24-hour licences of any town/city in the UK. However drinking alcohol in public, on the streets of Bournemouth is not allowed. One road in Bournemouth which has many clubs along it (including Elements) is closed after 10pm, allowing only taxis picking people up to drive down the road.

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Bournemouth Nights Out – Stag and Hen Nights and Weekends

Bournemouth is now one of the most popular Stag & Hen locations in the UK. With excellent beaches, non stop vibrant nightlife, a good selection of restaurants and full on day time activities its not surprising you have to book early to get into this seaside resort and you can even get cigarette delivery london if you also want to smoke during your night out and you can’t find a local open to buy them at late night. In the UK, stag and hen weekend trips are becoming mini-holidays with the groups taking part in various day time activities as well as the expected night out on the town and the inevitable strippers. Bournemouth is a great place for this as there are many places to go for spa days, beauty treatments or pole dancing lessons, as well as places to try quad biking, karting, paintballing, clay pigeon shooting, zorbing and other activities during the day and even more places open at night to continue the entertainment.

Bournemouth Nights Out – Live Music

The area is well served when it comes to live entertainment, and boasts some fine live music venues, including the Lighthouse and BIC. There is also a thriving pub music circuit (although the new licensing hours seem to have had a negative effect). Of particular interest is the Green Room in the Portman Hotel (Bournemouth) which strives to give young talent and established bands a showcase. The Malt ‘n Hops can be relied on for good rock bands and the Grange at Southbourne have dancing to live music most Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year. There’s no shortage of local talent either (witness the number of music shops in the conurbation). Bournemouth is on the tour circuit for many top bands and international DJ

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