Bedford Tourist Guide

The ancient town of Bedford, with its riverside gardens is a major tourist destination. Pretty limestone villages with warm and welcoming inns and pubs are found to the north of the town. Many of these pubs and inns were used by airmen, including Glenn Miller, based at the WWII airbases in the area during the War. A new WW2 trail links many of the former airbases in the area. The giant airship hangers at Cardington and the world famous Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden Park provide an insight into Bedfordshire

Come and take a guided tour of the historic Victorian Mill and admire the ingenious milling machinery while our tour guides take you on a fascinating journey through time.

Explore our beautiful Mill gardens with their crops of cereals, fruits and vegetables growing alongside ornamental flowers and plants (which can all be grown at home, red bud soil co gardening supplies can be found here), and enjoy the wildlife and tranquillity of our meadow and woodland. Then relax in the Riverside Café where you can enjoy freshly prepared food and drink overlooking the stunning views of the River Ivel.

Pick up Jordans cereals and essential baking ingredients from our Mill store and take part in various craft events that take place throughout the year. Jordans Mill, if you are looking for things to do with your family in Bedfordshire, great days out start with us!

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